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Rigid LED Light Strips 5050SMD 30LEDs/Meter


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Brief Introduction:
5050SMD 30LEDs/Meter DC12V / DC24V, 7.2W/Meter Color: RGB,Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,White,Warm White Pitch: 33.3mm Waterproof IP67,CRI>80, CRI>90

Waterproof Aluminium LED Bar - 5050SMD 30LEDs - 1 Meter Long

LED Type:  5050SMD, Taiwan Chip
LED QTY: 30LEDs/Meter
Length: 1,000mm / 3.28Ft
Width & Thickness: 15mm(0.59") x 7mm(0.28")
Pitch: 33.3mm / 1.31"
Max Lumens per LED: 9lm(Red),9lm(Yellow),15lm(Green), 10.5lm(Blue),22.5lm(White),21lm(Warm White)
Color Temperature: 2400K, 2700K, 3500K, 4500K, 5500K, 6500K, 7000K, 8000K+
12VDC: 7.2W/Meter, 0.6A/Meter
24VDC: 7.2W/Meter, 0.3A/Meter
DC12V (Every 3 LEDs cut at 100mm / 3.94")
DC24V (Every 5 LEDs cut at 166mm / 6.54")


Top View:


PCB Color: White
Material dropped on the PCB: Silicone glue
Shell Material: Aluminium Alloy
IP Protection: IP67
PCB type available with IP Protection: IP20
Model Number Color Typ.Flux
AH-RD-A5050RGB-12/24-30 RGB R90,G150,B105 30



AH-RD-A5050R-12/24-30 Red 270
AH-RD-A5050Y-12/24-30 Yellow 270
AH-RD-A5050B-12/24-30 Blue 315
AH-RD-A5050G-12/24-30 Green 450
AH-RD-A5050W-12/24-30 White 675
AH-RD-A5050WW-12/24-30 Warm White 630

Note: Amber, Orange, Pink, Purple color are optional.

Max Length Connection: 5 Meters, Feed power to both ends at every 3 meters to minimize the voltage drop. 
Cable length: 35cm / 13.78", 22AWG red/black cable tail at both ends.
Free metallic mounting clip: 2 Pieces / Meter

View angle: 120 degree

CRI: >80,

CRI: >90 with high brightness are available.

Lumen maintenance at 10,000hrs: 95%
Average life time: 50,000hrs
Storage temperature: -30°C~80°C / (-22ºF ~ + 176ºF)
Operating temperature: -20°C~50°C / (-4ºF ~ + 122ºF)
Warranty: 3 years
Certification: CE RoHS
1 piece at 1 Meter long, 0.15Kgs/(0.33Lbs)/Meter, 20Meters/Bag, 1 Bag into 1 Carton.
Operating driver: LED Transformer with DC12V/DC24V output
Compatible with DMX Decoder, Common Anode RGB Controller, Dimmer