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Flexible Strip Light of Frosted


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Brief Introduction:
SMD3528/SMD5050/SMD5730/SMD2835 Strip light for PCB 8mm and for PCB 10mm: PCB 8mm with silicone tube 10mm, PCB10mm with silicone tube 12mm, Waterproof IP68, Color Temperature: 3000K, 6000K

Flexible Strip Light of Frosted for PCB 8mm(Silicone tube 10mm) or PCB 10mm(Silicone tube 12mm)


Type of the LED Strip Light of Frosted :

1) Strip light  for PCB 8mm and for PCB 10mm

2) PCB 8mm with silicone tube 10mm

3) PCB10mm with silicone tube 12mm

4) Can not seeing the SMD LED

5) Low temperature is still soft

6) High anti dazzle


SMD LED Color: Warm White, Cool White,

Color Temperature: 3000K, 6000K

LED Qty: All Type of the LED Strip Light
Waterproof: IP68

PCB Width: 8mm, 10mm

With Silicone Tube: 10mm, 12mm

Size : L5000 * W10mm * H4mm or  L5000 * W12mm * H4mm

All the LED strip light can do this type of frosted strip light

View Angle : 120 degree
Lumen maintenance at 10,000hrs: 95%
Average life time: 50,000hrs
Warranty: 3 years
Storage temperature: -30°C~80°C / (-22ºF ~ + 176ºF)
Operating temperature: -20°C~50°C / (-4ºF ~ + 122ºF)


Features & Benefits
- Extremely flexible
- 100% waterproof
- 100% breakage free
- Durability,Impact Resistant
- Minimal heat output (Safe to the touch)
- Low voltage or line voltage options
- Low power consumption, saving energy, no UV or IR radiation
- Long life of LED, minimum maintenance
- No hydrargyrum, green environment, compliant with CE RoHS