Anyhope under ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System
From sample orders to bulk orders are assembled under strict quality control.

Anyhope quality and reliability are guaranteed based on:

Mechanical:  vibration, shock, drop and transportation

Electrical:  ESD, different voltage and current fault conditions, electro-magnetic interference tests etc

Optical:  wavelength, color temperature, beam angle, luminous intensity, luminous flux and lumen maintenance

Thermal:  long term exposure to high and low temperature environment and cycling between these temperature limits


Functional:  products tested over temperature, current and voltage variations

Operating life:  long term operation in high and low temperature ambient and power cycling


Enclosure:  seal integrity, corrosion resistance and environmental protection


Aging test:   into the whole manufacturing process from start to finish, at least continuously 24hours before shipment


Our products are CE certified and RoHS compliant, some are FCC certificate.